Mountain biking on the trail of Österlen is a technical challenge and beautiful experience!

Skåneleden – A mountain biking and hiking trail

A part of the trail Skåneleden is running on the beautiful landscape in southern Sweden called Österlen. The trail is going though a green landscape, over hills with a fantastic view over the ocean. The area have restaurants recommended in the White Guide and cozy accommodation with high standard. 

Outdoor Access Rights – Allemansrätten

If you want to save some money on accommodation bring your tent and enjoy the landscape. Is this aloud? Yes, because you have outdoor access rights to go and stay where you want in Swedish nature. As a swede I feel very proud of the right to have access to the nature. 

Österlen – A technical MTB trail

The MTB trails in the nature of Österlen is surprisingly beautiful. More over the tracks are technical over the rocks and roots on the rolling landscape. The nature makes you push yourself to the limit. We covered 100 km during two days and we had to fight for it and keep our focus to succeed. Of course it was rewarding to stop for a breath on a hill with a view over Österlen and the ocean. Not to forget to mention the ray of light through the deciduous forest felt like a big room with a roof in the nature. 

Once before in my life I have been falling of my mountain bike. On the technical trail of Österlen around Brösarp I fell of twice. On a small track I tumbled down a sled almost into a river but successfully saved my self. I lost track of my water bottle floating down streams on the river landing on the other side among some rocks. As a matter of fact, this made me brave to slide on a fallen tree to get on the other side of the river to get my water bottle. 

If this wasn’t enough my friend Herman got a punctation on the rear tire. Believe it or not, a horse chewed the tire like it was a chewing gum. For this reason we knocked on a close by cabin door asking for some assistance. Without delay a helpful man gave generous service so as we were back on track in no time. Henceforth he gave us a lesson in beekeeping. 

Backaleden Trail – The beautiful yellow trail

Backaleden is a 12 km long trail running through Alunbruket, Brösarp and Haväng. It’s called the yellow trail because it’s marked in that color easily for you to find your way. On the way you will encounter some history as Alun Works in Andrarum, this industry began in 1637. Further on the hydraulic ram at Täppamöllan pumping water 30 meters up from the river. If that was not enough you can drink from the springs at Tockabjär like people done for centuries. 

Brösarps Gästgifveri – A tasteful food experience

At the restaurant of Brösarps Gästgifveri you eat food from the neighborhood. It’s a kitchen with a lot of heart inspired from the area Skåne. The genuine restaurant dating back to year 1684 is also called “The Gate to Österlen”. The vegetarian alternative is great as well as their classical dishes as “Skånsk äggakaga” and “halstrad röding”. 

After a late evening at Brösarps Gästgifveri the bike gang were heading home towards Andrarum through the night in the dark forest and small trails. Along a small river and wet roots one of us slipped on the bike and fell into the water. Shocked, wet but smiling the ride continued to an after party changing clothes and drying up again. 

Brösarps backar and the ocean

A rolling nature area with yellow cowslip and the evergreen flowering heather. The MTB tracks on Brösarps backar are running through the area full with heather. It made me feel so happy that I didn’t want to lose my track on and damage the nature.

Kuskahusen – Your accommodation in the nature

There is an accommodation close to Andrarum in the nature that I would like to recommend called Kuskahusen. The rooms are small but cozy with a fair price. Further on the breakfast buffet is great with many choices. To save money bring your own linens and towel as well as cleaning the room after your self. An adventurous and technical MTB trail in Österlen! A real beauty with grandios nature, long white beach and lovely villages!

With beautiful memories from Österlen August 2017, Peter Rosenqvist and Herman Palm