I am clapping my hands to the organization of the UCPA, really well done indeed! The newly renovated center in Argentiére is fresh and a great place to live at for a week of world class of skiing. A lot of frenchies, many swedes a few english and one russian is a good mix for having  fun together. A sparsely furnished room with bunk beds, a toilette and shower in the hallway shared with others is okay for a week. There is a large sauna were you can drink your after ski beer together with your new friends. They offer a variety of the food but it is a little bit tasteless. But the ice cream and cheese after the dinner always makes you happy. The baguettes that you can bring with you on your skiing day is terrific, at least the first couple of days. The instructors working for the UCPA is very well educated and focused on teaching you to be a better skiers, well done there! Over the street you have the after work bar Le Savoy with live music and it is a fun place to go to.

UCPA Argentiere

UCPA Argentiere UCPA Argentiere UCPA Argentiere  After work Savoy - UCPA Argentiere UCPA Argentiere