Tirana, Albania – A truly great place to visit

First impression of Albania is lovely. Entering the city there are colorful houses, lively cafe’s and elegant people. I was expecting a gray and grim city ruined by decades of communism. The concrete houses are painted with all colors in the rainbow. It felt like the people of the city want to have a fresh start since the end of the communism 1992 and one step is to do it with color.  I was enjoying the Albanian hospitality and surprised they were curious about Sweden.

Café shops

When arriving to new cities I love to go to the best coffee shop in town. I was overwhelmed by their café culture and great place for people watching.

Pyramid in Tirana

A must do in Tirana is to visit the ancient pyramid form formerly known as the “Enver Hoxha Museum”. This pyramid-shaped structure was designed by the daughter and son-in-law of the late communist leader Enver Hoxha. The Albanian people talking about what to do with the building, demolish or keeping it. I think it would be great if they keep it for remembering the past. We were a group of people walking up on the pyramid and had a spectacular view over Tirana.

MTB on the Mountain Dajti

Mount Dajti National Park is a great place to visit. With the Ride Albania Mountain Biking I was rocking the road the professional MTB guide Tobi. It was a rocky and challenging start to conquer Tirana’s mountain Dajti. Me and the bike was fighting hard while rolling over the rocky path. I loved the lunch in the shade on the outside restaurant on the mountain side. The scenery through the vineyards of “Lunder” back to Tirana was lovely. We were sweating like pigs and drinking like camels. Read more about the fantastic day in July 2016 – Article from Ride Albania Mountain Biking.

Bunk Art – A one of a kind war museum

Bunk Art is a massive building from the years of communist era and the cold war. It was built for the Albanian political elite to take protection in during a nuclear attack. With 300o sq meters built underground in the mountain on different levels it’s a paranoid creation. The building was a secret not known by most of the Albanian people.

Trip’n’Hostel in Tirana

So happy I choosed the coolest place to stay at in Tirana, Trip’n’Hostel! I was overwhelmed by Erjon and Eni´s lovely welcoming. The hostel is an Italian style villa from the 1920s with a lovely green garden to meet new friends. It’s located in the oldest quarter in the middle of Tirana with a fruit market and genuin Albanian restaurants down the street. The rooms are big enough with a curtain for each bed for privacy. It’s charming and will be remembered for the rest of my life.  They have free home made ice tea and I think I will end it soon if they don’t stop me.