Tarifa in Spain is a mecca for kitesurfing

In southern Spain there is an old fishing village that turned into one of the best kitesurfing spots in the world. Tarifa! West of Malaga is the surf village just a boat ride away from Marocco. It’s convenient to have the airport in Malaga, rent a car and push the gas pedal hard for two hours. Tarifa is a small town, cosy with the narrow alleys and wild with the big bay. The town and your accommodation is close to the beach and easy access to rigg you equipment and get out there. The bay is a 10 km long sandy beach famous for strong winds. I have never seen so many kitesurfers at the same time as in Tarifa. I estimate about 500 kitesurfers at the same time. What a mess, but it works great, keep your path and learn “right of way rules” and you be fine. 

It’s easy to find great and affordable accommodation in Tarifa close to the kite spot Main Beach. It’s an easy drive to the different kite spots but harder to find a parking spot. I like the kitesurfing in Valdevaqueros with great wind and nice beach. A nice and super relaxed chill out zone for an after kite drink is Tumbeo Beach bar. 

Tarifa - Mecca for kitesurfing



The most optimal wind direction in Tarifa is the “Poniente”. This wester wind, cross-on from the right, is a little bit cooler and generally light to moderate but constant. This is the wind that the kitesurfers love and you can kitesurf anywere in the bay. This is the most common wind outside the summer months. 


The wind from the east, cross shore to cross offshore from the left, is called “Levante” and it can be very strong and gusty. This strong and warm wind from Africa is most common in June and July. It can drive you “loco”!

Tarifa Poniente and Levante