Battle of the Sund 2017
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Battle of the Sund


Until your legs scream – My battle of the sund! Kitesurfing from Sweden to Denmark and back again The ”Battle of the Sund” in Sweden Malmö august 2016 was very fun and well organized by the Red Bull team. There…

Portugal, Alvor, Algarve - Kitesurfing
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Flat water kite in Alvor – Portugal


Algarve, Portugal – Flat water kite in Alvor The group of 20 enthusiastic kitesurfer’s rented a bombastic mansion with a big garden, swimming pools and happy girls in flower bikinis. I love waking up early in the morning making myself a coffee, feeling…

Tarifa - Mecca for kitesurfing
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Tarifa – Mecca for kitesurfing


Tarifa in Spain is a mecca for kitesurfing In southern Spain there is an old fishing village that turned into one of the best kitesurfing spots in the world. Tarifa! West of Malaga is the surf village just a boat…