Find Street Art in Bangkok

Link to interactice map

While looking for street art you will walk in areas were no tourists go. In fact, I like the walk because it’s not crowded. It’s fun noticing the locals looking at you wondering what you are doing there. When I pull out my camera taking a photo on the street art, then having a glimps back and seeing them smiling.

To find the street art in Bangkok I had great help from others having the same interest as me. On Internet you will find maps with the street art pointed out for you. Of course, I will help you finding it as well. The street art scene in Bangkok is close the the river, on the east side as well as in and around China Town. Some street art are hidden behind flowers and some behind parked cars. Sometimes you have to look high up on the wall on a house. Look carefully and you will find street art in allyes, walls and gardens.

There is one street art painter that I enjoy the most and it’s AlexFace. He’s street art stands out. One of the street art examples is extraordinary, with out any paint, just carved out of a wall. The name of the portugese artist is Alexandre Farto aka VHILS.

Bring your camera, a pair of good hiking shoes and a bottle of water. Together with a good mood you will have a great day.