Snowkite in Åre with friends and reindeers

Friday afternoon and a long train on the platform in Malmö. My friend is running towards me fully equipped with snowkite gear and two cups of take away coffee. The night train is going to roll 1110 km to Åre. Opening a beer, cheering and socializing in the six people bunk bed compartment. Some 20 hours later, opening the curtains, Åre is welcoming us with snow and sun. 

Åre kiteskola is a professional snow kite school. Calle from Gotland is the master of organizing snow kite trips for advanced riders. The group of 10 people enjoyed the accommodation in Duved with a sauna and tasty breakfast. Stellan and Peter from Kitelife kitesurfing school feeling psyched to snowkite for the first time in Åre. On a fast snow scooter with a trailer we sat comfortably on reindeer skin wobbling over the mountain side. For the purpose of reaching “Renfjället”, an open area with fun hills to ride. What a beautiful landscape with reindeers in the distance! With fresh steady wind and a thrilling time we were flying over the hill side, Yihaaa! It was a great moment to drink hot coffee to warm up our frozen cheeks.

Dark clouds were coming in from the distance and the wind was increasing dramatically. Far away from the base camp it became problematic coming back constantly drifting down wind. The wind became even stronger and with heavy snowing it began feeling like an emergency. A wind gust threw me hard to the ground breaking my walkie talkie. Dragging over the mountain side I could not pull down the kite. I grabbed a bush keeping steady for a moment. Winding the lines around the bush buying my self some time. Finally unhooked and I secured the kite packing it down between my arms and body. The visibility was a length of an arm. With the help of the wind direction I blindly start walking towards what I believe was the meeting point. Luckily all of us were safe. This was a ride always to be remembered.