Skopje, Matke Canyon and Macedonian Village

Macedonia is sometimes unofficially abbreviated as FYROM (Former Yugoslavian Republic Of Macedonia). After showing my passport three times I happily passed the Macedonian border. The quality of the roads sank in comparison to Bulgaria. Entering Skopje and checking in at Valentin hostel close to the city centre. I was happy to meet travellers mostly from Asia and get a warm welcome from the owners Valentin and Nikoleta. The hostel is a newly renovated apartment and I like that every bed got a locker for the personal belongings. Using curtains covering the bed gives you a lot of privacy and it’s great with contact sockets for every bed charging the devices. It’s always fun meeting people and I introduced two south koreans to eachother and I was thrilled to their smiling faces when they understood coming from the same city. A girl from Japan love pickled red beets and bought many jars and sent it home in a big package for 50 Euro. 
1963 there was an earthquake in Skopje erasing 80 % of the buildings. The city is still under construction in many areas. When walking the city I got the feeling of beeing transferred to the time of the roman empire with it’s parlament, museums and monuments. The city has an old bazaar with narrow roads and small shops with barbers, shoe polishers, antique butiques and restaurants. To rebuild the city again cost a lot of money and the project is being criticized for it’s nationalistic kitsch, money spending and corruption. There are protests among the people and the parlaments walls have been bombed with colors. 

Matke Canyon had a spectaculary nice scenary. I enjoyed the hiking path looking on the boats with tourists passing by. I met some people from Australia while waiting for the bus that never showed up. After a long time waiting we shared a taxi.

The newly open Macedonian Village with buildings from different parts of the country. It was silent on the hill side with a nice view over Skopje.