Exited to be on the train to Hue to explore the demilitarized war zone with a historical perspective. The train must have been in service for many years, maybe even during the Vietnam war. A 12 hours ride from Nha Trang in a tiny 6 people sleep wagon. Me and my friend Joakim ended up on the top bunk bed and it was hard even to raise our heads without banging it against the roof. But the feeling of beeing rocked from side to side while laying down makes it’s kind of a comfortable journey.

The Vietnamese people are respectful and genuine making it easier for everyone to endure and enjoy the ride. While on the train the view is magnificent with mountains and ocean. But the most common sight are rice paddies. It’s impressive to see the farmers working with their land throwing out seeds and walking with water up to their knees. With a three cornered hat they cover from the sun while doing their hard work together with a water buffalo.

Vietnam is a beautiful and easy country to travel in and I highly value the feeling of beeing safe. The people of Vietnam are friendly and helpful. In fact, it’s a fun feeling like a giant among the locals.

Travelling in Vietnam is easy, not necessarely fast but moreover it’s cheap. Go with the train or bus, rent a bike, as well as taxi. A ride in a taxi for (10 min) 3 km is about 30 000 Dong. A train ride between Hue to Da Nang is 65 000 Dong. Further on, the night train on a sleep wagon between Nha Trang to Hue around 280 000 Dong.