Beautiful beaches

If you want sunny beaches with white sand and palm trees, Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam is the place for you. There are several choices depending what kind of beach you want. More interesting is to find a hidden beach, throw your swim pants away and feel the freedom. Rent a scooter and get a map, choose a beach of interest and kickstart your adventures day. 


There is a small but cool waterfall on the island, Suoi Trahn close to the airport. Pay the entrance to the park, walk through the premises for about 10 to 15 minutes. Bring your swim trunks and get into the natural water hole and further on where the water is falling. 

Rach Vein Fishing Village

In the northern district of the Island, about one hour on the scooter from Duong Dong Town, you will find a fishing village. One of my best restaurant experiences has been on the floating restaurant Phuc Ncan in Rach Vein. It was an adventerous feeling finding the pier on the water leading to the restaurant in the small fishing village, a small gap opened as we entered. The staff gave us a warm welcome and a sweet young kid was playing around making us all laugh. With a fantastic view over the bay and the colorful boats we made ourselfs comfortable. The manager was eager to show us the catch of the day. A rope with a net hangning in the water with delicious sea food. After some fun communicational misunderstandings we ordered fish. Moreover the spicy fish was barbequed on our table. In fact, the fish was fantastic but the spicyness giving us fun faces in urgent need of water. Over all, the visit was one of my very best restaurant experiences.

Rach Vem Floating Restaurant

I cannot think of any greater food experience than on the floating restaurant at the remote northern fishing village at Rach Vem. When walking on the simple bridge built on the ocean look down in the water to spot the sea life.