Pai is a beautiful and idyllic hippie town in northern Thailand. I instantly liked the athmosphere while strolling the market looking at local handcraft and eating delicious street food. It’s a thrill cruising the scooter on curvy mountain roads looking at the beautiful nature sorroundings as waterfalls, hot springs and caves.

On breathtaking mountain roads we went on the scooters to Tham Lod Cave in Soppong. I was truly impressed by the enormous room in the cave containing a lake. We were transported on a bamboo raft together with our guide who lighten up our path with a kerosene lamp. The many different formations of the stalagtites and stalagmites were cool.

A fun destination on the scooters is Pam Book Waterfall. Bring your swim shorts and go for a dive in the fresh water. It’s a nice route driving your scooter from Pai.

It’s cheap renting a scooters, the price is around 200-300 Baht a day (5-7 Euro). I signed up for a insurance covering all damages, price 40 Baht. There are many tourists getting injured falling with the scooter, drive carefully.

I stayed at the beautiful Nine Hostel in Pai with fantastic and genuin staff  making my stay to the very best. The facilitity is very nice and quite with comfortable beds and relaxation areas. I loved the athmosphere and the people. I had been a bit worried ending up celebrating christmas eve alone. It was great to celebrate with my newly found friends from England, Germany, Finland and USA. We made a big bonfire, had Thai-food and partied all night long.