Mui Ne in Vietnam is a relaxed seaside resort and old fishing village, now taken over by tourist yearning for sun, beach and sport. The resort is stretched out along the sea side covering about 25 kilometers. Unfortunately, this makes it less attrative because of the long distance between the large variety between restaurants, cafes and shops. But nevertheless, if you want to escape the crazy streets of Ho Chi Minh and rest your eyes on the sun set view at the dunes this is the place to go.

If you are looking for sport activities as kite or wave surfing your at the right spot. The crowded beach have several kitesurfing schools if you are a beginner and advanced kite course if you are an intermediate. Although the water is choppy but the wind makes up for it for you to do high jumps. Worth to mention, If you like wave surfing there are some cool waves for you to ride.

Mui Ne Xua Cafe Hostel is a relaxed place for you to stay as a backpacker. With a price range between 7-9 Dollars a night you can enjoy the green “chill out” garden with hammocks and social areas. Together with nationalities as Germany, USA and Switzerland we enjoyed a beer and a conversation about what team is going to win the world cup in soccer. Watch out for the coconuts in the palm trees falling onto your head and make sure your insurance is covering concussion. The morning coffee with a nice view on the ocean was a new experience. A simple coffee brewer on the cup made tasty drops into the condenced milk, yummy.

Mui Ne Backpacker Village is a bigger hostel and the heart of the accomodation is the pool and the restaurant. Relax in a sun chair the full day and in the evening join in on a social game. This is a great place if you want to meet other travellers and have a fun time. By the way, the price for a night is around 2-6 Dollars.