Tough, beautiful, dirty and euforic MTB in the Rhodopi mountains

42 km and six hours on the saddle. Mougla is a small mountain village with old and simple houses. The inhabitans went from 500 to 200 during the 90th when people moved to the city and with them the school and bakery closed. The restaurant was closed when we arrived. We came in contact with a local and friendly lady that invited us to her home. It was so cool to see her entreprenurial spirit. The iron lady had a restaurant in a small house hanging over the river. We were served grilled Cebabce with home made Lutinitsa – pepper and tomatoes. To dessert we had home made yogourt and grilled bread with jam. It was a new and happy experience having the coffee served with pine tree honey. I came in good contact with the locals in the village even if we didn’t have a common language. An older lady gave me a newly baked bread and it made me so happy. 

We reached the beautifully located guesthouse Panorama in Gela village with the social and friendy owner Vladimir. Check out their web page at Panorama Guesthouse – It’s a lovely recreational guest house on the country side with a stunning panorama view. To hear the cow bells in the background gave me a relaxing feeling. Vladimir cooked a great dinner and as an apetizer a Rakaia Bulgarian brandy. In the morning we got a Bulgarian speciality, Mursalski tea.