There are many fun things to do in Chiang Mai for the visitor that want to have an active vaccation. The quality of the mountainbike tracks are great and the view over the city is scenic. The outdoor company Mountainbiking Chiang Mai have a wide range of quality bikes and the instructors are highly professional with many years experience. It´s well organised and you can enjoy the bike ride without thinking about logistics and what to eat. Great downhill with high speed on the curvy mountainside roads will keep you excited and focused. Some parts are technical single tracks. There is a lovely café in the greenary on the mountain hillside runned by an old women serving biscuits and refreshing coffee. The instructors on are very professional and they happily give you advice how to ride and information about the tracks. When in goal the ride ends at a lake with a pittoresque restaurants with huts in the water. A great way to relax to put your tired feet in the water while enjoying the Thai dish.