Great meeting Nedka and Christo

Meeting Atanas relatives Christo and Nedka at their home in Chepelare  was a great pleasure. Nedka is a linguist skilled in several languages. Christo was the trainer of the national womens team in biathlete skiing. He has been around the world and even in Falun in Sweden. It was a lovely meeting, so warm and welcoming people. I was happy to see their garden were they are growing potatoes, beans, carrots and to see the chickens in the farm house.








Thunder and lightning

The day from Chepelare on the MTB path began well and the forecast was looking great. We heared some thunder in the distance and soon came the rain poured down on us. We found shelter under a small roof with a pick nick bench on an open grass field. Suddenly a lightning stroke on the hill next to us and we dove under the bench for cover. We found shelter in the forest under a tree but we became soaking wet and cold. We decided to continue on muddy roads sometimes flooded with water. We fought our way down the mountain trying to keep the warmth and spirit high and finally we reached the end on our destination.

Ancient city and Bachkovo monastery

On the way to Plovdiv we went to the Bachkovo monastery, the 2:d largest monestry in Bulgaria after Rila. Plovdiv is one of Europe’s oldest inhabited cities and goes back to the time of the roman empire and the tracians. A beautiful old town with a lot of history and culture.