Mountain biking in the Rhodopi Mountain – Entering Borino

The guide Atanas from the travel agency Penguin is making the MTB adventure to the very best. He guides me on the mountain with it’s beautiful surroundings. In periods it’s tough biking on ascending rocky roads with the stearing vibrating like a asfalt machine. 

The rental mountainbike is a Bulgarian black beauty called “Drag” with 27,5 inch tires and front suspension. The bike works fine on the rocky ascending and descending small roads used by lorries in the tree business. The scenary is momentenal beautiful with open colorful fields and  flowers. The rain got us soaking wet and dirty. Occationally we pass people living in pitoresc cottages along a lonesome road waving a friendly hello. The taste of the mountain water station is fresh and cold even better then bottled water. It’s a great feeling drinking the water from a natural source and to fill up the buffel bag with purity. 

The daily distance for the mtb wheels to roll is between 20-40 km and 4-6 hours leg excersise. The goal for the day is to reach the guest house and be served local food and a rewarding beer. 

The small mountain city Borino is inhabited by people from Turkey. Rolling into the city we were happily surprised by the turkish religious mass using speakers in the city for the inhabitans say their prayers. We happily reached the hotel Daisy having a well tasting grilled trout. The evening had a great ending when Island defeated England in the european championships in soccer with 2-1. The logistics of the bags is working fine, delivered to different locations on a daily basis. 3.30 in the morning while sleeping hard the mass was on again.