Koh Samet is a small and beautiful island 4 hours bus ride east of Bangkok. It’s knowned for it’s relaxed athmosphere and the white sandy beaches. Chinese people love this island.

Mountain bike adventure on Koh Samet

What I love is MTB adventure and Koh Samet is the place for a day on the MTB. Yes, it’s a small island and you can bike to all areas during one day, or half a day if you’re really fast. 

At the harbour there is a rental store for you to get a newer MTB. The brand I got was entry level mountain bike Giant Rincon with an aluminium frame and Shimano 3*7 speed shifting gear. I rented the bike for 24 hours, price 200 Baht (6 $). 

Giant Rincon MTB

Koh Samet mapThere is one main road on Koh Samet from north to south with a few detours. Most of the tourists are living in the northern part close to the beach Hat Sai Kaew and to the harbour. From here you steer your bike in a southern direction towards the national park Thambon Phe with a stunning view. At the national park enter the growel road for some real mountain bike experience until you reach the end of the island. It’s good fun biking the hills and take a few selfies with a scenic background.

Continue on the winding asphalt roads and push yourself on the up hills. Further on the way, take a detour to the beach, get your swim trunks on and cool your self from the hot sun. There are several cool beaches on the way for you to conquer. 

I biked on the beach thinking that was fun while the sun bathers looking at me smiling. A Thai military soldier stopped me asking nicely to please bike on the road instead. – Ok, no problem!

To enjoy the sundowner bike to the north western part of the island and the beach Ao Phrao. You will be amazed how red the sun can be and how many thousands of photos beeing taken every evening. By the way, bring a bottle wine or a few cold beer and enjoy. 

Where to stay at Koh Samet

If you are a backpacker I would like to recommend Olly’s bar & hostel. I love the security thinking with a spacious sleeping pod. Close the sliding door and sleep well. What’s also great are the safe and secure storage lockers big enough for your backpack. Also, there is a shared batchroom and a common room facing the main street for you to chill out drinking a cold beer. 

How to get to Koh Samet (Koh Samed)

Buses depart for Ban Phe’s Nuan Thip Pier and a ferry to Ko Samet. From Bangkok’s Ekkamai (Eastern) Terminal every 1.5 hours from 07:00 to 17:00. The ride takes around three to five hours. The buses return to Bangkok every two hours from 05:00 to 18:00.

The public ferry’s depart the pier in Ban Phe every hour from 07:00-18:00 and cost around 200 Baht. I took a public fishing boat and loved the experience. The boat ride is about 40 minutes and going to the Koh Samet harbour. From here it’s walking distance to your accommodation if you stay close to the main beach Hat Sai Kaew. But there is always a bus wating for you.