Arrived by boat to the beautiful and relaxed island of Koh Lanta! It takes about 30 minutes to travel with a scooter from one corner of the island to the other.  Checked in at Peacock Hostel that is a wooden local sea side house built on top of the water next to the pier. The interior is designed by debris that floated up on the beaches. It was easy to book accommodation when I landed on the island, thinking it will be all right when I get there. After 5 minutes I had arranged accommodation, after 10 minutes I had made new friends, after 15 minutes I had rented a scooter, after 20 minutes we were eating and after 30 minutes we were at the beach.

At the beach we studied the local people picking clambs by the shoreline. They had a trained eye when they pushed the finger in the sand and with a lot of skill pulled out a clamb. I tried myself but did not find a single clamb. We were impressed with their skill and bought full bag of fresh clambs for 100 Baht. In the evening we invited all the backpackers and made a big feast on the porch enjoying the clambs together with shrimps and pasta. The Sicilian chef Patrik did a peng job in the kitchen.

I am ready to bounce the beautiful island of Koh Lanta. It’s magnetic with a lot of charm and I am going to miss all the magic moments. I enjoyed the unique and good vibe at Peacock Hostel, the wooden sea house designed with material floated up on land. Every day I discovered new details as a painted geisha on the locker, a whiskey bottle hidden inside the wall and a sun deck on the roof. Love chilling out on the porch looking out over the pier with boats leaving towards the sunset. Together with newly found friends we were enjoying a good conversation and a cold beer with the waves created by the boats as back ground music.

It was a freedom feeling riding the scooter along the winding roads with a scenic view over the white beaches and flat blue water. When it was to hot I head to the closest beach to cool down in the water and having a nap in the shadow under a tree.
I am about to head off to Koh Tao, a small Island east of Thailand. Going with the bus to Surat Thani and from there with an old rebuilt fishing boat over the sea and through the night.