After 10 hours travelling from Battambang in Cambodia I am happy to finally reach my destination, the second biggest island in Thailand, Koh Chang. 

How to get around the island

What I didn’t like with the island is that the distance between the everything is quite far. Taxi on the island is expensive. During one night I was asked to pay 200 Baht for a 3 km ride but finally I got a taxi for 100 Baht. Rent a scooter for about 250 Baht/day.

Accommodation on Koh Chang

The first night I stayed at the hostel Habitat on the western coast of the island. The accomodation is a simple 4-bed bunk room with comfy beds. I paid 400 Baht if I don’t remember it wrong. The beach is pretty nice but slow with families and couples.

I relocated to the energetic Lonely beach further south on the island. Checking in on the hostel BB Lonely Beach Hostel. The staff at this place did not give very good service and the place it self was kinda run down and not very social. But the beds were great and to a good price of 300 Baht. On the positive side it’s close to all the bars as well as the beach, about 10 minutes walk. 

Beaches on Koh Chang

The beaches on the island are fantastic. There are several hidden gems for you to visit. Ride the serpentin roads and lean smoothly in the curves.

In the southern part of the island is Lonely Beach and it’s kind of fun it has this name because it’s quite crowded and nice. There are several bars and relaxed patios to chill out on and watch the sun go down.

Bangbao Fishing Village

In the southern most part of the Island there is a fishing village worth a visit. It’s a bit of a tourist trap. A 350 meter long alley way with shops and restaurants for you to enjoy. If you walk the full length of the alley you will have a great view over the pier. 

Bars and night life – Lonely Beach

The night life in the city of Lonely beach is pretty good. There is the Himmel Bar with an open dance floor. Next to Himmel is Ting Tong bar where you can enjoy popular live bands. Give the band some money and they play your favorite song. Chill out and drink a beer and tune in to songs that you heard before. 

Yoga on Loney Beach

There is a Yoga class every day on Loney Beach. Don’t worry about bringing your own Yoga mat they have for you. Read more about it.

Tattoo island

If you don’t have a tattoo the probability that you will end up with one before you leave the island is high. There are Tattoo shops everywere you look.  

How to get out of the island

After two days on the island of beaches I continued in a western direction to Koh Samet. I arranged the ride from a Ticket office on Koh Chang and paid 550 Baht. This included bus pick up service at the hostel, ferry from Koh Chang to main land, bus to ferry port and boat to Koh Samet. Fun to mention is that the boat to Koh Samet is a fishing boat. It was completely packed with people, food, luggage and packages. The boat ride took about 30 minutes.