Welcome to the world of kitesurfing – Brazil

Brazil is one of the best places for kitesurfing in the world. There are several positive factors making it the best country for your kitesurfing trip. I love the temperature always wearing my favourite board shorts no matter what time it is. There is no need for an extra shirt, the warmth is covering your body as a winter jacket. A steady warm side shore wind is blowing like a hair dryer. The wide sandy beaches, for you to walk barefoot,  are on many places accessible for cars to drive. Choosing your own kite spot and having it for your self is luxury. After a full day on the board as your skin turning light red it’s refreshing with a cold Mojito. Chill out by the beach side and listening to the roar of the waves. Cool you skin with your icy Mojito glass.  When you are hungry drive to a beach restaurant and ask for the catch of the day. Enjoy a grilled fish with some lemon and salt looking on the sun downer together with your friends.

Kitesurfing in Cumbuco and Cauipe

The kitesuring paradise Cumbuco is the closest kite beach to Fortaleza. This is the airport were you can fly to from most parts of the world with easy transportation to your future favourite kite spot. The car rental company accidentally broke my credit card forcing them to upgrade to me to a VIP. Entering the surfing village in the spacious well equipped car there are comfortable kite pousadas close to the beach. When the accommodation is next to the water, kitesurfing becomes accessible and easy saving time to do what you love. There are many choices on restaurants and cafés. If you like party there is always something going on. If you need to buy spare parts there are kite and repair shops. Rent a beach buggy to drive on the beach from Cumbuco to the Cauipe lagoon. It’s a popular flat water lagoon next to the ocean. Park you beach buggy, prepare you gear and get ready for some kite action. This is the kite spot making it perfect to train on that kite trick you are so eager to learn. A steady wind is blowing most hours of the day. Chill out under the wooden umbrella and watch skilled kitesurfers from all over the world. At the end of the day do a down winder from Cauipe back to the pousada in Cumbuco for a refreshing Caipirinha. Sit back and enjoy!

Kitesurfing in Paracuru

North of Cumbuco is another kite paradise Paracuru. This town is bigger then Cumbuco and you need a car to get to and from the kite spot. This is a beautiful kite spot with white sandy beaches and perfect sun downers. Most of the kitesurfers are on the flat water sea lagoon in front of the restaurant Quebra Mar barraca. Yummy! You need to try the fish on this restaurant. The waiter bring all different fresh fish on a big plate for you to choose. Love the smell of ocean and fish, it gives me a freedom feeling. The reef is breaking the waves coming in from the ocean creating a flat water spot. Watch out for the reef and rocks under the water at low tide. Outside the reef the waves are rolling. This is one of few kite spots in the world with both flat water and waves.

We stayed at Paracuru kite village well defended with high walls and a guard making us nervous strolling the premises with a shotgun. One of the staff gave us a happy surprise washing our dirty car. The pousada has a porch for chill out and the rooms are nice. A great breakfast and a fast swim in the pool preparing yourself for a great day on the kite spot. The town has a big square with many restaurants. My Portuguese language skills is not even on a beginner level. I was hungry as a lion pointing my finger on the menu choosing a random pizza and a thumb up to the waiter. I had a pizza with many small anchovy fishes making my belly scream in protest.

Kitesurfing in Itarema

Itarema kite spot is a flat water lagoon located at the end of a lonesome grovel road. There are a few simple hotels with spartan interior. Nothing more then a bed and a madras covered in plastic and an old wall mounted television. The wooden shutter on the door and window letting the wind passing through the room. When trying to sleep I had a firm grip on my bed quilt. Waking up in the night there was a trail of ants in my bed eating my chocolate on the bedside table. It’s worth the travel while on the board ripping the kite on the flat water lagoon. With the hotel beside the lagoon it makes it easy after an exhausting session to go for a siesta on the hammock. There are few kitesurfers and a lot of space for a kite loop. The fishing boats laying on the side on the empty seabed in the low tide is conspicuous. Not a curl on the water making it flat as a pancake. Time for kite!