Bucharest not Budapest

What a great beginning on my adventure. Bucharest is what I was thinking it would be. A charming little Paris inspired architecture mixed with modern buildings, the old meet the new. Exciting to strall the streets and to be surprised around every corner by a historical building. I am surprised by the car park, never seen so many high end cars in my life. I like the smart Romanian “creating your own parking spot”, bring four white angles, place them as a parking spot, then simply park your car. I will bring this idea with me to Sweden and try it on the parking guards and hope I’m lucky. 

Old town Bucharest

The old town is compulsory to walk in if you are a tourist. Just wish there was less tourists as me. I got the feeling the area is transformed and adapted to tourism and it’s taking away it’s charm a little. The eclectic buildings with narrow parcelling from the 19th century are so beautiful.

Burger van Bistro – Grab a burger

Hungry in Bucharest. Strolling the streets I found a home made hamburger bar on Strada George Vraca, a small personal and friendly joint. I was really pleased and happy to meet two locals Alin and Anca that gave me an insight in the Romanian culture while chewing them great burgers. I was euforic how easy it is to begin a conversation with people, so friendly and open answering all my “got to know more” questions. They showed me a small park with winding paths and a small lake were you can rent boats. Thank you Alin and Anca, that meant the world to me meeting you guys! 

Origo Coffee shop – 3:d wave coffee

Thirsty after a high quality coffee Latte searching as it’s the first cup of the day I found a diamond, Origo Coffee shop on a back street in old town. A cosy place with a trendy new design. I am extremely picky with my coffee, if I am not happy I send it back. I was surprised how the barista explained to me about different taste on the beans. It was my first time I got to choose beans for my Latte, of Rwanda or Brazil I choose the later more robust option.

I was once more astound how easy it is to meet people. The hard working student Codreanu with 2.5 jobs were so friendly and nice sharing a table with me while the rain pouring down outside. Great to talk to him, felt like we known each others for years. He later showed me the parlament building telling me his grandfather was part of an installation of the magnificent work of 250 000 sqm. Thank you Codreanu, great to meet you and thank you for your fantastic stories about Romania, sharing a tip of the best soup on a restaurant at the Black Sea delta and walking me all the way to the parlament for the best angle of photo. Even if you were in a hurry you took your time for a swedish happy tourist. 

On many streets there is a touch of green with trees on the side walk or a park. Great walking the streets and listen to the singing birds on the tree top with the sun shining, it’s makes me feel summer warm. Morning coffee at Origo served by a smiling girl is a great start on a beautiful day.

Free walking tour – Bucharest

Free walking tour (http://bucharest.walkaboutfreetours.com) is a great event to join if you want to get to know the city better. The meeting spot for the two hour walk is at Unirii park. Tudor was the tour leader and explained the Romanian history in an impelling and interesting way. Tudor gave the suggestion to buy the magazine “From Vlad the impaler to Dracula the vampire” that I’m now a happy owner of.

Gradina Eden cafe

Gradina Eden is an outdoor cafe hidden as a treasure on the backside of Palace Stirbei. Mesmerising place to escape the noice of the city in a welcoming garden.  

Bucharest not Budapest

Foreigners often mistake Bucharest with Budapest. Michael Jackson, Lenny Kravitz and Iron Maiden screaming, – “How are you Budapest” is bad music in the ears of a Romanian. There is a webpage tutorial to end the confusion, http://www.bucharestnotbudapest.com.

Nomad sky bar

Nomad sky bar famous for their drinks, ablong trendy local with an open plan situated in the heart of the old town. Well dressed social people. I met the locals Ella and Petri at the bar, together with Codreanue. Great evening with my new Romanian friends.