Algarve, Portugal – Flat water kite in Alvor

The group of 20 enthusiastic kitesurfer’s rented a bombastic mansion with a big garden, swimming pools and happy girls in flower bikinis. I love waking up early in the morning making myself a coffee, feeling the morning sun and eat fresh hand picked oranges from the garden. A gym with a sauna and a jacuzzi made us northern people warm and happy. In the evening we were enjoying brain freezing mojitos and great food at the outdoor terass with a scenic view over the ocean. Smily smiles, laughs and a lot of new faces made our time at the mansion exciting and crazy. I feel like home in the endless shining sun and the heat in the wind. Algarve, what a great place with beautiful coastline and sun risings!

Alvor – the flat water kite spot

The coast of Algarve offers fantastic spots to rip the board like a maniac. The flat water kite in Alvor close to Lagos is a great place to train on that trick you been thinking about during the winter time. The surf mecca makes my kite-heart filled with adrenalin and happiness. It’s some walk from the parking space to the spot, but worth it. Bring a pair of good shoes and you might also bring your wheels to roll your equipment. Hey, and your water bottle! The area to rig is limited but while on the water you will not think about that. Alvor is famous for it’s high and low tide. Check out the tide forecast before you go. When the tide is as lowest it’s an area like a bigger swimming pool for you to fight with the other kitesurfer’s. But, darn it’s flat like a pancake! When it’s high tide the water can get a little bit choppy. We were kitesurfing like never before, many hours on the water and a “check” in the empty square for the new tricks! Back to the mansion there were kite equipment all over, beer drinking kitesurfers by the pool imitating their newly “never done before” kite trick. Damn you Algarve, you’re beautiful!

Restaurant “A Lotus” is a simple fish restaurant with great atmosphere in Lagos close by the harbor. If you hungry, love fish and want a genuine Portuguese lunch then this is the place for you. 

Carrapateria Amado Beach is a great place for you who like wave surfing. It’s a nice beach to hang out! Rent your surf board and take a ride in the medium waves. I rented a board for one hour, got up one time, choking several times and almost freezing my brain off. Hey, go, do it!