Good Morning Vietnam. Each year more then 1 million tourists come to visit the incredible Cu Chi tunnel system, located 60 km (2 hours bus ride) from Ho Chi Minh city. The tunnel was the strong base of Vietcong who played an important role during the Vietnam war. The guide will take you into the tunnel system. Just imagine how it is to eat, sleep and work down there. If you are claustrofobic there are escape routes every 10 meters. You have to crawl on your knees to get forward as the tunnel is narrow. At the end of the war there were in total 250 km tunnel digged out by hand. They even excavated sleeping rooms, hospital, meeting room, kitchen and toilets. Even better, they digged out wells in the tunnel having fresh water. Fun fact is that they placed the soil from the tunnels into bomb craters for not beeing discovered.

By day time the area belonged to the americans and at night time to the Vietcong. Not only, Vietcong had a good strategy to hide in the tunnels when the fire power was to strong. But also, the Americans couldn’t see them unless they were firing. In addition, Vietcong built the tunnel system at the edge to the forest to fool their enemies. They didn’t realise that Vietcong was much closer then expected. As a reslut, they could kill their enemies and take their weapons.

The punji traps made the americans cautious on every foot step they took. As a matter of fact, a big hole were digged and sharp bamboo sticks pulled down like spears into earth. Once someone fell into them the others had to carry him back. Moreover, Vietcong made hidden signs along the trails for them to avoid falling into the trap themselfes.

It was surprising to see that the visitors can fire AK47 and machine gun at the shooting range. There are several tour guides to choose from. If you live on an accoodation ask if they can book.


War Remnants Museum – Vietnam War

The museum contains the impact of the Vietnam War and is located in the city center of Ho Chi Minh. The museum shows the horrifying effect it had on the civilian population as well as the humans fighting for a free united country. In contradiction to Hollywood movies showing only the side from the american perspecive it was powerful to listen to the side of the Vietnamese people. Even today the war had a brutal effect on the people, as the “Agent Orange”. It’s a chemical spread over big landscapes for the vegetation to die. Further on it caused major health problems and people got disabled due to the contamination.