Battambang – The cool and relaxed city

After three days in Seam Reap looking at beautiful temples it was time to hit the road again. I took an 3 hours bus (price 8 dollars) to Battambang, The second largest city of Cambodia is Battambang, a cool and relaxed city that has a lot to offer as french colonial architecture, cool café’s and caves. Love strolling the streets and looking in the boutiques as well as eating good food at the creatively designed restaurants. 

Nary Kitchen Cooking School

The owners Toot and Nary of the Nary Kitchen Restaurant sharing the secrets of Khmer cookery with visitors from all over the world. They have created recipes based on years of experience in Khmer cookery for you to try at home. 

The group of beginner chefs from France, Belgium and Sweden went to the vibrant green market buying the food we were about to cook. In the shopping basket we put fresh ingredients as lemon grass, lime leaf, galangal, fresh finger root, coconut milk, sweet potato and bananas and snake fish from fresh water. 

Together with a group of eight people we cooked Fish Amok, Fried Spring Roll, green salad, tofu omelette and to desert a delicious sweet banana coconut milk. 

Wat Banan Tempel

The monkey and the Battambang temple boys

There is a temple worth a visit 22 km south of Battambang. Rent a scooter, I paid 6 dollars or hire a Tuk-Tuk driver. You need to use your leg muscles on the 358 stone step climbs to the top. While on the top there is an incredible view over the landscape. 

I am happy to meet some local boys on the stone stair case. I gave them a bag of fruit for them to feed the monkey. 

Killing cave, Flower cave and Phnom Kdong

14 km south of Battambang is the killing cave, flower cave and the mountain top Phnom Kdong. If you go with a scooter or car you can reach all these places on the steep mountain road. If you’re a hiker bring a pair of good shoes and start walking. On foot the visit will take you about 2 hours. 

Restaurant Bric-a’-Brac

The restaurant and boutique hotel with the warm and friendly owners Robert and Morrisson will make sure that you are enjoying your time. In a lovely renovated colonial building from 1960 you feel the vibe of Paris. They have a great selection of wine and cocktails as well as fantastic food. We had a great time drinking wine and looking at the full moon eclipse. 

When enjoying a french wine together with my friends Morrisson surprised us and did a private tour of the stylised hotel. It’s charmingly designed and every detail fills your heart with gladness. Throw yourself on one of the comfy beds and hug all the pillows (cost of pillows 1000 dollars). Book your Bric-a-Brac hotel room

Pomme Hostel, bar and restaurant

A relaxed atmosphere and great place to meet other travellers located in the center of Battambang. The hostel has a new concept of accommodation with private single or double room beds offering high security. On the first floor the restaurant opens up to the street with a social bar i the middle and chill out zones. Serving delicious Khmer cousin with cool drinks and playing great music. Pomme Hostel Facebook