I wanted to learn more about the Thai cusine and I was thrilled of joining a food tour in the heart of Bangkok’s busy area China Town! The best service is given by Bangkok Food Tour with guides that know the area by heart and have great experience about the food getting served.

  • The first dish was a Fishball Yentafo a pink soup colored from tomatoes. The chef working at the corner street food restaurant is the second generation taking over from his father. The soup was perfectly mixed with flavours from sweet to spicy.
  • One of the most famous and classy restaurants in China Town is The Canton house. They served Shrimprolls with sauces as rise vinager.
  • If i could eat dessert every day I would eat Pandang Custard, crispy and sweet with a taste halfways to heaven.
  • If you have the cold, beginning to feel sick or want to keep on the healthy way there is a Tea-store serving yellow and red tea at this place for 100 years.
  • The most busy street corner food restaurant with crowds of hungry people. There were cars passing by just behind my back if they stopped because of the traffick jam I could lean back and use the car as a back rest. The two well organised sisters were running the street food restaurant on the very pavement with great authority. Me and my company from Califoria ate a spicy Tom Yum with seabass based on lime, lemongrass, mushroom and chili.
  • If you like pepper soup go for a Guay Jab and add a little bit vinager!
  • I never in my life thought i would eat a Birdnest soup, yes you read it correctly. It’s made of birds saliva dried and hardened. If you think it sounds disgusting I could recommend you eating it!
  • The home made Thai icecream with taste of basil, cocunut and milk was a perfect ending of the food tour!