Going with the boat from Bagan to Mandalay in Myanmar is a journey worth the experience. For 40 Dollars the boat ticket is yours on the ride lasting for 12 hours on the Irrawaddy river. The bus will only take you 6 hours and it’s cheaper, but I would like to say that this is just a transportation. If you want a journey and a long lasting memory, take the boat. 

Why should I take the boat instead of the bus?

– Standing by the reeling and let the breeze blow in your hair helping you cooling down.
– Picture-Snap, picture-snap… Take photo on all the pagodas, people on the river banks and fishing boats
– Let the scenary help you relax
– Now is the time to read that book you brought
– If you are social, take your time speaking to a stranger

Walking the plank

We all know that happiness is not having to set an alarm for the next day. But for this special day I made an exception waking up 3.45 in the morning. The meeting time at the boat was 4.30 am and departure time 5 am. Jumped in to the TukTuk (Paid 6000 Kyat) and felt the early morning chill. While at the harbour (or actually, it’s just the river banks) a man with a torch light met me lightning up the steep down hill towards the boat.

To my surprise I had to walk the plank to get on the boat. Two small rickety planks from the river bank to the boat in the darkness felt surrealistic to walk on.

By the way, bring your own water, it’s expensive on the boat, around 5000 Kyat. While on it bring you own beer as well, price on the boat for a large one is 3500 Kyat. Yes, water is more expensive then beer. 

Breakie at 7 am

After a quick nap on the river boat chair it was time for breakfast at 7 o’clock. A simple breakfast was served with coffee, tea and toast

Social on sun deck, or not
If you are a solo traveller or in a company there is always a friendly stranger taking time talking to you. Because you have a lot of time riding the boat for 12 hours. This is also a great oppertunity for you reading that book, or taking a nap, why not working on the sun tan of yours.

Sun downer

Close to Mandalay you will have one of the best sun downers you have seen in your life. A pagoda, a bridge and fishing boats in the water and you will snap, snap, snap until the sun is going down. As every photograph expert knows, the best time to take a photo is sun rise and sun set when the light is perfect.

Yes of course, there are boats going from Mandalay to Bagan as well. For more information about boat service look at – Boat service Myanmar