Bansko – 260 snow cannons and 75 kilometers of prepared ski runs

5 good things about skiing in Bansko

1. No que to the lift while up in the mountain
2. Lot of space for your wide turns in the piste
3. Skiing in the forest with the trees as your posts
4. Great skiing in dry snow
5. Sunny and no wind

5 areas to develop in Bansko

1. The breakfast at the two star city hotel could be far better
2. The barker at the restaurants in the city could leave everybody alone
3. The line to the gondola to be much faster then one hour waiting
4. The atmosphere could be much better without the sex industry
5. Bulgaria is a country with attractive prices and so could it be on the restaurants at the skiing slope.

Skiing in Bansko

The town of Bansko is situated at the foot of the Pirin mountain in the south-western Bulgaria, 160 km from Sofia. There are 260 snow cannons covering 90 % of the ski slopes. The ski runs are for beginners 35 %, intermediate 40 % and advanced 25 %. 75 kilometers of perfectly prepared ski runs. The highest track of point is 2560 m and the lowest 1000 m above the sea level. The longest possible track is the 1,6 km downhill race.

Big Sun, ski rental and stau with one hour line to the gondola! While up in the mountain great snow surface and fun skiing. The fantastic wheather making us a feel welcome to the Bulgarian mountain of Pirin. The skiing is smooth and enjoyable on the dry snow. Could the close by Mediterranien ocean have an effect on the compound in the snow? Each skilift is climbing several altitude meters that result in a longer skirun.

Skiing off piste
Bansko skiing area is full of surprises. If you ski off piste choose the side towards the city. This is the safest off piste area in between two skiing slopes. The advanced technichal downhill need your full focus to prepare for every turn. Continue in to the forest and challange every tree in high speed.

Saturday night Bansko giving a feeling from Chicago during the 1930. The barker outside the striptease club giving the wrong idea for the purpose of visiting Bansko! It is a historical small mountain resort that deserve a more genuine athmosphere.

Local goat cheese and salty meat with a tomato on the side for breakfast. The city centre Hotel could do a customer survey and spice it up a little. My friend left a floater behind, could’t make it dive. Is that the result of the salty breakfast? The toilet paper goes into a bin next to the toilet.

There are many choices on restaurants in Bansko and a few genuine and historic worth the visit. Mehana Sirleshtova House in old town close to the church of Bansko at Yane Sandanski Street is a restaurant from year 1745. Ask the owner to tell you and show the door to the ancient panic room as well as the hidden escape tunnel to the church. Open hearted and welcoming with food and prices to everyone’s satisfaction.

On a restaurant in town you pay around 3-5 Leva (1,50-2,50 €) for a soup, beer from 3-6 Leva. I paid around 20 Leva (10 €) for a main meal, side dish, beer and a coffee. A cup of coffee or a beer in the skiing area is 6 Leva and pizza 10 Leva! 

Great price for a campaign ticket

We bought the campaign tickets through Penguin travel agency for about 530 Euro. Including plane from Copenhagen to Sofia, transfer to Bansko, hotel with breakfast, skiing pass for a week and ski rental. That is a really great low price.