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December 2016

The Gang on Koh Lanta
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Koh Lanta, Thailand – Great days


Arrived by boat to the beautiful and relaxed island of Koh Lanta! It takes about 30 minutes to travel with a scooter from one corner of the island to the other.  Checked in at Peacock Hostel that is a wooden…

Pai, Thailand
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Pai, Thailand – The idyllic hippie town


Pai is a beautiful and idyllic hippie town in northern Thailand. I instantly liked the athmosphere while strolling the market looking at local handcraft and eating delicious street food. It’s a thrill cruising the scooter on curvy mountain roads looking…

MTB - Chiang Mai, Thailand
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MTB – Chiang Mai, Thailand


There are many fun things to do in Chiang Mai for the visitor that want to have an active vaccation. The quality of the mountainbike tracks are great and the view over the city is scenic. The outdoor company Mountainbiking…

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Bangkok Bike Adventure


On the saddle through a vibrant city A fun way to explore a new city is to jump on the bike saddle for an adventures ride. I joined a tour with Bangkok Bike Adventure through the vibrant areas of the…

Bangkok Food Tours - China Town
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Bangkok Food Tour


I wanted to learn more about the Thai cusine and I was thrilled of joining a food tour in the heart of Bangkok’s busy area China Town! The best service is given by Bangkok Food Tour with guides that know the area…